Kickstarter is an amazing platform, which has helped fund so many creative and awesome projects. I love Kickstarter, and it's been very good to me.

As a creator of multiple successful Kickstarters, I know how much work it is to run your project, and I also know that great design and illustration are a upfront cost that many Kickstarter creators have trouble affording. Spending thousands of dollars before you've raised your first dollar is a risk, and I want to help as many Kickstarter creators as I can to reduce that risk.

About me:

In addition to doing all of my own Kickstarter, website, and product design and illustration, I've also done freelance graphic design and illustration for 8 years. You can see examples of what I've done for one of my own Kickstarters over here. More examples of design/typography/illustration are over here.


+ Illustrations (cartoon art style)

+ Prototype mockups

+ Kickstarter page headers

+Stretch goal images

+Main Kickstarter Images

+Social Media images

Before the Kickstarter:

To lessen your pre-Kickstarter financial commitment, I'll work with you to create some fantastic art+design for your game, and your Kickstarter page, and I only get paid for that work if your Kickstarter funds. Why am I doing it this way? I want to help remove financial obstacles to help more amazing projects fund on Kickstarter.

When your Kickstarter does fund, the upfront work will be covered by 1-3% of your Kickstarter total (depending on how much you plan to raise), and any work after the Kickstarter we'll set a fair rate.

The catch:

I don't work with everyone. Because of time limitations, I have to select only the projects that are exciting to me. Share with me what drives you, why your want your project to happen, beyond financial considerations. If I'm on board with your dream, I'll be stoked to work with you, no matter how big or small your operation is.


I'm excited to work with creators who love Kickstarter as much as I do. I have a set amount of time to work on these projects, so I'll only be accepting a few projects per month, so after you contact me I'll have a few questions for you. Apply below:

Name *
What's your vision for your project? Why do you believe it needs to exist, beyond making money?