Burrito Envy Social Media Images

Client: Burrito Envy restaurant

Goal: Series of social media images to communicate brand story.

Process: I constructed a series of images and animated gifs inspired by their irreverent "Beach Bum" branding. Using images of waves, surfers, etc. along with weathered textures and type, communicated a compelling story about the brand, while promoting products and giving followers a clear picture of the good times, and "good vibes" to be had by visiting the restaurant.


The Fit Quilter Logo and Branding

Client: The Fit Quilter

Goal: Combining the two very different worlds of fitness and quilting into a cohesive logo. 

Process: Combining two very different ideas led to many intriguing combinations, using both physical similarity (the merging of a barbell and a spool of thread) and conceptual similarity (measuring tape, used in sewing, also has a place in weight loss). The final design used a piece of sewing machinery that every quilter is familiar with – the bobbin – as a replacement for the capital "Q". The thin type used for the word "fit" evokes weight loss, and the bright, energetic colors tie into the physical nature of the fitness, and the colorful tradition of quilting.

Backstreet Politics Logo, Website Images

Client: Backstreet Politics

Goal: Branding to evoke "crooked politics"

Process: Taking the typical iconography and color palette of political campaigns, I tweaked the formula to make something that looks familiar, but a bit "off".  The red, white, and blue commonly associated with political design has been slightly desaturated, lending the design a "dirty" or "tainted" feel. All of the lines in the logo are almost imperceptibly slanted – in a subtle way not intended to be noticed consciously, but to be felt at a subconscious level. This, along with the iconic tilted star, evoke the unease and distrust that many feel about mainstream politics.


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