Every week, my brother and I record vlogs to each other, under the name Doubtful Solutions Brothers. Our vimeo profile is here, our website is here. The videos don't always pertain to this blog, but when they do, I'll post them with added commentary.

In this video, I outline four things I do to make my habitual procrastination, laziness, and self-sabotage in line.

Instead of outlining every point that I made in this video, I'm going to give you two specific tasks that will help you be more productive. Choose one, and GO!


1. Head over to Beeminder and set up 1 commitment device for a future action. Make it something that you feel like you should do, but you have a low likelihood of follow through.


2. Decide on some temptation bundling you could do. Bind a tempting item or activity with a good habit, making sure that the temptation doesn't cancel out the good habit (Only smoke when you're at the gym? Really?). I would give you examples, but it's better if you figure them out for yourself. :-)