I've started a business selling tiny, framed illustrations (it failed). I've worked with a publishing company to lay out a book (I quit).

For about a year, I worked on creating a video game with a couple of friends (we stopped).

I started and updated three different webcomics, drawing hundreds of comics (I stopped them all).

I started writing an e-book with a friend (and quit).

I started painting wild abstract paintings, and selling prints online (then I lost interest).

I've started a bunch of blogs (and stopped writing on most of them).

I've failed a bunch of times at a bunch of different projects. It's kind of ridiculous how much I've failed.

I think a massive amount of churn is needed to succeed at a few key things. No one sits down and finds massive success on their first go. Ok, people do - but "sit down and succeed on my first try" isn't a good plan. Here's a better one- do interesting stuff. If they become uninteresting, move on.

Because although I've failed - and quit - a bunch of stuff, I've also published 5 physical and e-books, done a bunch of interviews with people I admire, I've done a TED talk, an art compilation, and (most importantly) I've spent many hours happily at my creative work.

What are you going to do next?