Screenshot 2015-03-19 07.02.27 I’m not one of those slick, greasy successes showing other successes how to be more successful. When I read the blogs and books of people like that, it’s easy to come up with an excuse not to do amazing stuff, because my circumstances are different. They’re perfect. Their life is perfect, or pretty close. How can I be expected to do what they did when I’m so flawed, and they seem to be the ideal human being who has never faced a setback in their life?

I want to make it very clear with every blog post that I’ve screwed up way more than I’ve succeeded, and will continue to fail, in many, many ways.

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The other thing that's annoying about many of these personalities: their advice is ridiculously impractical for people who have a life and a family. I remember when I was getting up at 4:30, working two jobs, and doing freelance graphic design on the side, all while trying to spend time with my wife and new daughter, oh, yeah – and in any spare scraps of time, trying to build a business.

I was done with cheerful success gurus telling me how getting eight hours of sleep every night was vital to my productivity, or lecturing me on not being on social media enough. Much of the advice that I was receiving seemed geared towards people who were single, didn't have jobs, and were independently wealthy. It was ridiculous, maddening, and frustrating.

This blog is for people who haven’t got all of the time and money in the world, people who don’t have the magic touch, people who fail all the time: all you need is a bit of stubbornness to keep on moving forward. That’s pretty much all I have.

Why should you listen to me?

Well, there's no particular reason that I'm qualified – I'm not making a full-time living on four hours a week, I'm not making $30,000/Month with passive income, I'm not running my business while sipping mojitos on a beach somewhere.

The only reason you might read my blog is because I'm slightly further down the road, and I can help you keep going. I've started and quit countless businesses, set up too many websites to remember, self-published books that sold two copies, written hit blog posts and tried to deal with my website melting down, interviewed awesome people for products and blog posts, and screwed up so many times that I've actually learned some stuff. If what I've learned is useful to you, I'm glad to share.

I want to use this blog to talk about these things:

+ Art and business, and the combination of the two.

+ How to get important things done when you’ve got no time.

+ What the important things are.

+ The steady diet of failure that faces people who try stuff.

+ The anxiety, laziness, and self-sabitogue that we all experience.

This blog isn’t the magic bullet, I’m not an über-successful dude with big hair and a sparkling smile. I’ve just done a lot of stuff, and I want to help you out, if I can.

My inbox is always open.