I'm Andrew Miller, also known as AndHeDrew. I'm a houseparent, illustrator, and game designer living in Ohio. I love making things, spending time with my Wife and daughters, and playing games. I make my own games, most of which are free.

If you want to read a full account of my projects and businesses, check out this post: The path to a successful indie game: A complete history of my screw ups, false starts, and broken dreams.

About AndHeDrew.com

This illustrated series of stories isn't intended to inspire, or get you to do anything. They're just stories to amuse. I love telling stories. If you enjoy them, welcome.

The story of The Cloud Dungeon

The Cloud Dungeon is a creative papercraft game night in a book, which I put on Kickstarter with the modest goal of raising $2,000. Over the course of the Kickstarter, 1,946 backers pledged $30,446 to make the game a reality. I continue to be amazed, thankful, and humbled by the amazing response, and all of the opportunities that have come my way because of my little book.

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